Grim Trigger

A murder at a quantum computing firm leads a hacker and an FBI agent into a race against the clock—before a polarized America reaches its breaking point.

In the wake of a controversial Supreme Court decision, a firestorm of civil unrest erupts on both ends of the political spectrum.

As Los Angeles grapples with the turmoil, a woman is found murdered inside an office building, mere feet from the most powerful quantum computer ever created.

The next day, whitehat hacker Isabella Cray hears from an old flame, unexpectedly in town and acting strange. Before she knows it, Cray’s life is turned upside-down, her ex-lover vanishes, and the FBI is asking her questions.

Reunited with Special Agent Will Fraser, Cray embarks on a quest for answers that will take her from the riot-torn streets of L.A. to the scorching badlands of the High Desert.

Crossing paths with an ex-Stasi billionaire, national-anarchist radicals, and desperate cybercriminals, Cray and Fraser race to unravel the truth as a devastating technology hangs in the balance—and before a ruthless adversary can exploit the divided nation for their own nefarious agenda...

Fast-paced, provocative, and timely, Grim Trigger is a thriller you won't soon forget.

Released September 2023

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A psychopathic hacker and a technophobic FBI agent must team up to solve a high-profile murder committed with an autonomous car in this provocative tech-noir thriller.

On a coastal highway in California, a self-driving SUV crashes and kills its lone occupant: the CEO of Asimov Automotive, one of the most prominent driverless vehicle manufacturers in the world. Suspecting foul play, the board of directors brings in whitehat hacker Isabella Cray to assist the investigation.

Cray is a high-functioning psychopath, using her calm, detached nature to solve problems while restraining her darkest impulses. But when someone wants her out of the picture, Cray finds herself in a game of life and death where the stakes are no less than the future of transportation.

With the clock running out, she and tech-wary FBI cybercrime agent Will Fraser enter a headlong chase across the San Francisco Bay Area—to unmask a mastermind who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

Released August 2021

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For years, society has debated whether violent video games harm a player’s sanity.

But what if one was specifically designed to make you commit murder?

Tech journalist Desmond Lewis hasn’t been a hardcore gamer in years, but there’s something inexplicably addicting about Rogue Horizon, a VR survival horror beta given only to a select few. When Lewis begins suffering from violent dreams and disturbing hallucinations, he suspects the game may be linked to a series of unusual deaths across the United States.

Fearing he’s losing his mind, Lewis follows the trail of a conspiracy to a mysterious virtual reality amusement park north of Las Vegas, where getting played is about to take on a whole new meaning...

Swiftly-paced and relentlessly suspenseful, Arcadia is a psychological thrill-ride from start to finish. 

Released August 2018

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The Island of Dr. Moreau meets "The Most Dangerous Game" by way of Michael Crichton in this suspenseful technothriller about the dark potential of genetic engineering.

For Sydney Marlowe, getting a coveted research position with enigmatic biotech CEO Billy Sans seems like a dream come true. She and three other interns are flown halfway around the world to a remote private game reserve in Tanzania, where they will implement new zoological technologies and analyze field data over the course of two weeks.

But when local animal behavior becomes increasingly unnatural and people begin to go missing, Sydney and the others realize that something sinister is lurking beneath this paradise. The truth, however, is more horrifying than any of them could have imagined.

Released August 2017 

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