Alexander Plansky



The second technothriller featuring whitehat hacker Isabella Cray and FBI cybercrime agent Will Fraser, Grim Trigger, is now available.

"Plansky delivers on the promise of his first novel, Safari, in this imaginative, pulse-pounding techno-thriller... Smooth prose and relatable characters are a plus. Michael Crichton fans will be pleased."

"Michael Crichton fans will appreciate Plansky’s suspenseful homage to Jurassic Park...the fast pacing and the author’s willingness to not pull punches will make science fiction thriller devotees eager for more of his work."

Safari receives rave mensa bulletin review

"When's the last time the hair stood up on the back of your neck? Read Safari by Alexander Plansky and you may have that experience." - Caroline McCullagh, MENSA Bulletin

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